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David Oddsson: Iceland’s Most Successful Politician

Today is the birthday of David Oddsson: he was born on 17 January 1948. David (as he is always called: the Icelanders do not really have patronymics, Oddsson just means that he is son of Oddur) has served longest of … Continue reading

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Lord Acton: Still Relevant

Today is the birthday of the British historian Lord Acton, John Dalberg-Acton, who was born on 10 January 1834. He is one of the twenty-four conservative-liberal thinkers whose ideas and arguments I present in a forthcoming book in two volumes, … Continue reading

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Trump: Good President, Bad Loser

In the presidential elections of 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton (not formally, as I am not a U.S. citizen, but in my mind). She was a known entity, relatively moderate politically, and with a lot of experience. ‘Better the … Continue reading

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