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Norberg: Many Reasons for Optimism

There are many reasons why we should look forward to the future, Swedish historian and television personality Johan Norberg said at a meeting organised by the Institute of Public Administration and Politics at the University of Iceland, the Public Book … Continue reading

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Gissurarson: Five Crucial Decisions Leading to Collapse

The Report of the Special Investigative Commission, SIC, into the 2008 Icelandic bank collapse was informative, but it did not explain the collapse itself. The SIC’s explanation was that the banks had grown too rapidly and become too big. But … Continue reading

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Spirited Discussion about the Icelandic Commonwealth

What would it be like to live under law, but without government? When Professor David D. Friedman was reflecting on this question in the 1970s, he realised that people had already done so, in the Icelandic Commonwealth of 930–1262. At … Continue reading

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