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Gissurarson: What Explains Denmark’s Success?

The relative success of the Scandinavian countries is not because of the welfare state constructed by social democrats in mid-twentieth century, but rather because of the solid legal and social framework offered by the nation state, supported by a strong … Continue reading

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Gissurarson: Nationalism, Good and Bad

A distinction can be made between nationalism good and bad, Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson, RNH Academic Director, submitted at a CEPOS summer school in Copenhagen 12 June 2022. Good nationalism recognises the nation as a ‘daily plebiscite’, in Ernest Renan’s … Continue reading

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Gissurarson: Conservative Insights, Liberal Principles

In the spring of 1983, Friedrich von Hayek visited Oxford where a few students had recently founded the Hayek Society, for discussions about classical liberal principles. At a dinner on that occasion, Hayek gave a short speech where he expressed … Continue reading

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