Income Distribution and Taxes: Friday 24 October 4-7

Professor Corbett Grainger

Friday 24 October at 4 pm a seminar will be held by RNH on “Income distribution and Taxes” in the Gamma meeting hall on first floor in Gardastraeti 37. Professor Corbett Grainger from the University of Wisconsin in Madison will compare two approaches in the fisheries, taxation and allocation of rights; Professor Ragnar Arnason will analyse some errors and category mistakes in the measurement of income distribution; and Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson will criticize the theories of controversial French economist Thomas Piketty on a widening gap between rich and poor in the West.

The seminar is held on the occasion of a book published by AB Publishing, Tekjudreifing og skattar (Income Distribution and Taxes), a collection of papers by six Icelandic scholars, Professor Ragnar Arnason, Dr. Birgir Thor Runolfsson, Axel Hall, Dr. Helgi Tomasson, Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson and Arnaldur Solvi Kristjansson. One of the partners of RNH, RSE, supported the publication of the book. The seminar is co-sponsored by the Icelandic Taxpayers’ Association. After the lectures and a discussion a reception will be on the premises from 5.30 to 7 pm. The seminar forms a part in the joint project by RNH and AECR, the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, on “Europe, Iceland and the Future of Capitalism”.

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