Professor Niels Erik Rosenfeldt: Military Training in Moscow

Rosenfeldt Interview: “Cruel World of Conspiracies.”

Professor Niels Erik Rosenfeldt, of the University of Copenhagen, gave a well-attended lecture at the University of Iceland 10 September 2012 on the Secret Apparatus of Comintern, on which he has published books in Danish and English. This event formed a part of a series of lectures organised jointly by RNH and AECR, the Allicance of European Conservatives and Reformists. The topic has been much-discussed in Iceland after the publication of books by Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson and Professor Thor Whitehead on the Icelandic communist movement where they stress its nature as a revolutionary movement, closely connected with Moscow. Several Comintern agents visited Iceland in the 1920s and 1930, and more than twenty Icelanders were trained at the Comintern secret schools in Moscow. In his lecture, Rosenfeldt said that in British files he had discovered some secret messages with instructions to the Icelandic communists, sent from Moscow via Copenhagen. The British Secret Service had succeeded in intercepting and decoding those messages.

In the question time after the lecture, Thor Whitehead briefly discussed the significance of those messages that he had also found. Rosenfeldt said that there was no evidence suggesting that the Icelandic students at the secret Moscow schools were exempt from the obligatory military training given in these schools. An interview with Professor Rosenfeldt was published in Morgunbladid 13 September. Rosenfeldt’s lecture is available here on Youtube.

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