Grossman Visits RNH

Dan Grossman

Dan Grossman, chairman of the board of Atlas Network and member of the board of Students for Liberty, briefly visited Iceland on 11–12 May 2014. He had a luncheon meeting with Gisli Hauksson, chairman of RNH’s board, and a few other people involved in RNH’s activities. Hauksson gave Grossman a brief account of what RNH has been doing in the last two years, including the publication of three Ayn Rand novels, many international conferences on fisheries management and on the financial crisis—two topics of particular relevance to Icelanders—and several lectures by foreign and Icelandic scholars. Hauksson also told Grossman about a few RNH projects in the next few months, including meetings on taxation and income distribution, the index of economic freedom, and Herbert Spencer, the publication of online editions of many out-of-print anti-totalitarian books in Icelandic, including the Icelandic translation of the landmark Black Book on Communism, and the publication in Icelandic of a book by best-selling science writer Matt Ridley on the reasons to be optimistic. RNH is a part of the Atlas Network, whose founder, Sir Anthony Fisher, once came to Iceland and inspired many members of the Icelandic business community reminding them of how important it was to defend economic freedom and to facilitate the work of those few and embattled intellectuals supporting it.

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