David Friedman at Student Conference

David D. Friedman

Many well-known speakers will gave papers at the conference of European Students for Liberty and the Icelandic Association of High School Students in Reykjavik Saturday 30 September, including Professor David D. Friedman. Son of influential economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, David D. Friedman is known for his radical anarcho-capitalism, as he argues that individuals and their associations can, at least in theory, perform all or nearly all the tasks which government is now undertaking. Friedman is interested in medieval history and has written on the Icelandic Commonwealth. He has published several books on law and economics and two novels. At the conference Dr. Daniel Mitchell will state the case for tax cuts while Professor Edward Stringham will discuss entrepreneurship and the nature of government.

In the autumn of 1979, David Friedman was the first foreign lecturer at the Libertarian Association which operated in Iceland in 1979–1989. Friedman then discussed private enforcement of law as it was practised in the Icelandic Commonwealth. Daniel Mitchell is a frequent visitor to Iceland, and Edward Stringham was a Fellow at the 2005 Mont Pelerin Society regional conference in Iceland. A few other speakers will discuss the libertarian movement and its aims. The conference will take place in Room V101 in the University of Reykjavik from 11 to 16. All are welcome. The conference fee is ISK 1,000, which includes lunch, coffee, evening party and books. RNH supports the conference as a part of its joint programme with ACRE, the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe, on “Europe, Iceland, and the Future of Capitalism”.

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