Andreasen about Future of EU: Friday 30 August 17–18

Marta Andreasen, former Chief Accounting Officer and Budget Execution Director at the European Commission, will give a lecture on Friday 30 August 17–18 in meeting room N-132 in Askja, the Natural Sciences House of the University of Iceland. She calls the lecture “The European Union: Where is it Heading?” The meeting is chaired by Bjorn Bjarnason, former Minister of Justice, but its sponsors, besides RNH, are Icewise, an association of freedom-loving Icelanders against the EU, the website No to the EU, Heimssyn, the movement for independence in European affairs, Isafold, the association of young people against EU membership and the Europe Watch, a website about European affairs.

The RNH participation in this meeting forms a part of the joint RNH-AECR project on “Europe, Iceland and the Future of Capitalism”. Andreasen, now a member of the European Parliament for the British Conservatives, has forcefully criticized the European Commission for corruption and various irregularities. Born in Argentina in 1954, she is a certified public accountant and economist who worked for many accountant companies and the OECD, before taking up her position in Brussels in 2002. When she refused to endorse the EU Commission accounts she was first suspended and then fired. Married and the mother of two, she is the author of Brussels Laid Bare published in 2009.

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